How to Setup uNS Packet Forwarding in Utopia

Utopia uNS

uNS is a decentralized equivalent of a classic DNS which is subject to pressure and censorship from less than prefect international laws. Domains can be revoked or suspended due to multiple reasons, such as non-response to whois inquiry or other register policies, non-payment, government actions and so on for Utopia uNS.

A registered uNS record is required to setup uNS packet forwarding. If you do not already own a uNS record, please see How to register a uNS record?

To setup uNS packet forwarding please visit Tools menu -> uNS Manager, tab Packet Forwarding.

Press Add button.

  1. In the first field select uNS record to configure uNS packet forwarding.
  2. Enter the port 80 for uNS.
  3. At the second line enter the IP address of that website.
  4. Enter the port next to your local IP field. Usually 80.
  5. Check option Immediately start packet forwarding after creation.
  6. To complete uNS packet forwarding setup click Create.

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Now like this Create another packet forwarding and on that now in this just do all same but change port 443 instead of 80. (Utopia uNS)

To make sure that uNS packet forwarding works properly, please open an Idyll browser and enter your uNS at the address field.

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