How to Host Website in Utopia Software

Utopia Website Host

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. The network is supported by people who use it. Each node, including your Utopia software, transmits network data in encrypted mode. The communication cannot be intercepted by third-party, only the recipient is able read it. The P2P technology ensures that you network activity, including surfing cannot be tracked or your identity revealed as Utopia Website.

Why make my website/resource available at Utopia Network?

Utopia is a unique ecosystem specifically designed to protect privacy of communication and security of personal data. When you make your website available within Utopia you gain access to millions of like-minded Utopia users while keeping your actual hosting location hidden hence ensuring your confidentiality.

What can I make available at Utopia Network except for websites?

Besides websites, you may make available any of your web resources, even email, SSH server or audio/video streaming and so on using TCP packet forwarding function of uNS.

How to register a uNS record?

To register your own domain (uNS record) in Utopia P2P network please go to Tools menu -> uNS Manager and click on tab My uNS Records

Utopia Website

In the field Register new uNS record, enter the desired domain name (uNS record). The availability will checked immediately.

Make sure that the selected domain (uNS record) is available and press Enter. A registration form will appear as demonstrated at the screenshot below.

Utopia Website

uNS registration is not free. There is a commission that is changed towards Utopia to prevent flood and to support network growth via mining. The commission size depends on the name length, the longer the name, the cheaper.

uNS records over 4 characters long are the cheapest.

You may leave the default values at all form fields. Press Register button. You will see that a new uNS Record has been added yo your list of registered names.

Utopia Website

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How to setup uNS packet forwarding?

A registered uNS record is required to setup uNS packet forwarding. If you do not already own a uNS record, please see How to register a uNS record? directory.

To setup uNS packet forwarding please visit Tools menu -> uNS Manager, tab Packet Forwarding.

Utopia Website
Utopia Website

Press Add button.

Utopia Website
  1. In the first field select uNS record to configure uNS packet forwarding.
  2. Enter the port 80 for uNS.
  3. At the second line enter the IP address of your local web-server, usually
  4. Enter the port next to your local IP field. Usually port 80.
  5. Check option Immediately start packet forwarding after creation.
  6. To complete uNS packet forwarding setup click Create.

Now, you and all other Utopia network participants will be able to visit your website at the address

How do I verify that uNS packet forwarding works properly?

To make sure that uNS packet forwarding works properly, please open an Idyll browser and enter your uNS at the address field.



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