How to Create Channel in Utopia Software

Utopia Channel

Channel is a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences and engaging in group discussions. If you want to create a blog, a business chat, news feed, or simply conduct a private group discussion, Utopia channels are just what you need. Channels can have an unlimited number of members for Utopia Channel.

Public channels do not require password and can be joined by all users of Utopia ecosystem, while private channels require password to join.

How do I create a channel?

To create a channel, go to “Channel Manager” (“Tools” → “Channel Manager”) and select “Create Channel” on the left.

Utopia Channel

Please note that only characters A-Z, 0-9 can be used in all fields.

Channel Owner” field contains the name and Public Key of channel creator. This information will be visible to all users of Utopia in the channel list and channel information.

In “Description” field enter the description (64 characters maximum). The description should clearly describe the essence of your channel. This will enable users to find your channel easily while searching.

In “Channel Name” field enter the name of the channel (maximum 32 characters). Make it unique and memorable!

Utopia Channel

In the drop-down “uNS name” list, select one of your registered (but not assigned to another channel) uNS names. It is highly recommended to register uNS name and assign it to channel to let users join your channel using a short and memorable name. If you do not have a uNS registered name click on “Open uNS Manager” button. Please refer to How to register a uNS name? Help section for a guidance on registering a uNS name.

Utopia Channel

In the “Channel Type” drop-down menu, select “Public” to create a public channel which all Utopia users can join. In order to protect your channel, select “Private” and enter a strong password. If you have chosen a private channel, you may check the “Do not show the channel in the Channel Manager” checkbox so that your channel cannot be found by other Utopia users.

Utopia Channel

In “Access Type” drop-down menu select “Read and Write” if your channel is a group chat, where each user can add posts. Select “Read only” if you want to prevent non-privileged users to write in the group. In this case, only the channel creator and moderators will be able to add messages. This option is designed for news channels.

Utopia Channel

You may select a channel avatar by drag and dropping or uploading an image. The default avatar is the avatar generated using your Public Key.

Click “Advanced Settings” button for more options.

Utopia Channel

Channel Languages” field – select the main language to be used at your channel. If no language is selected, the channel is considered international and instead of the flags, the Globe will be displayed in the channel details.

To add one or more languages (up to three), click the “Select channel languages” button. In new window select the country and one of the languages available for that country. Then move one or more languages along to the “Selected languages” section using control buttons. Save the settings by pressing “Select” button at the left-bottom side of the screen.

Utopia Channel

Moderators” field is used to add moderators to your channel. You can assign any user from your contact list a moderator status. Please note that moderator’s Public Key will be visible in the channel list and channel information.

Utopia Channel

To add a moderator to your channel, click the “Select channel moderators” button. At “Add a moderator” page, click “Add” button at the bottom-left side of the screen. Select from your contact list users that you want to assign a moderator status. Press “OK” to added user to the list of moderators. You may add up to 4 moderators. In the “List of Permissions” check the boxes to grant appropriate authority to specific moderators. To save the settings, click “Save“.

Permissions that can be be granted to moderators:

  • Permission to delete messages
  • Permission to Promote/Demote messages
  • Permission to Ban/Unban messages

Use “geoTag” field if you wish your channel to be displayed on uMaps. It is recommended for channels with reference to particular coordinates, objects, or an event occurring at a specific location.

To add a geoTag, click the “Set Channel’s Geographic Location” button. In new window, right-click on the map to place the marker or use search to find the desired location. If a label is set correctly, click on the “Add” button at the bottom-left side of the screen. Once the channel is created, information about the channel (including the geoTag) will be visible to all Utopia users.

Utopia Channel

In “uTags” field define hashtags separated by comas to let Utopia users find you channel easily.

Utopia Channel

Once you are ready to create your channel, click on “Preview Channel” button.

Channel registration fee is a commission charged by Utopia to create a channel. This fee contributes towards growth of Utopia ecosystem and helps prevent network flooding.

Click “Create Channel” to complete the process.

Congratulations! Your new channel has just been created.

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How do I join a channel?

To join a channel, please go to “Channel Manager” (“Tools” → “Channel Manager”) and select “Join a Channel” on the left. Locate a channel you would like to join in “Recent Channels” list. If the channel is not in the list, use a search option at the top of the page. You may search by Channel ID, Public Key of channel owner, channel name or drag and drop uCode. Use the “Advanced Search” link if basic search is not sufficient.

Utopia Channel

Once a desired channel has been found, select it and click on “Join” button. Please note that you may be required to enter a password to join a channel.


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