How to Choose the Worst LMS

learning management system (LMS)

If you work at a school and are looking for a learning management system (LMS) which will help revolutionize your students’ education, we get that this is never easy. Here is a checklist of all the wrong LMS types you may encounter!

1. Not a User Friendly System

The LMS of your choice could look very professional; however, it might not be that user friendly. When choosing an LMS, we need to take into consideration that a lot of different people will be using it: teachers, school managers, students, heads of departments, and parents. Therefore, it is vital to be careful of the following before taking any hasty decision:

  1. The interface is complicated and complex looking.
  2. The LMS might be difficult to understand or deal with.
  3. Its design could be not good or even professional.
  4. It may provide customers with a bad user experience, making them disappointed of the whole educational process.

2. Not a Complete Solution for School Management

Not having a comprehensive school management system that manages the whole educational process is only doing things half way. Plus, it is considered a handicap, not a good feature.

Such a system creates a gap in communication within the educational system, among students, teachers, and parents. It may also cause some confusion or act as a distraction for teachers and students as it does not cover all their needs within class.

A comprehensive school management system gives school the power to manage student affairs, school services, human resources management, and financial management, all in one platform.

For example, Skolera LMS allows teachers to create the curriculum content, assignments, and quizzes and assign them to all classes of the same course and in one step. It also offers parents the chance to follow up on their children’s progress, the latest school activities, and announcements and get important notifications.

3. No Reward System or Virtual Classes

One of the best features of a school management system is having a reward system and virtual classes. On the one hand, a reward system applied in class students helps students have be on their best behavior in class every day.

Any reward system for students saves the education process from

  1. Bad grades.
  2. Bad behavior and making trouble in class.
  3. Lack of motivation.
  4. Not doing assignments and also lack of focus within class.

On the other hand, professional LMS have virtual classes that provide, at any time, live and online communication between students and teachers.

They lift the pressure students bear when having to go to school in cases of bad weather, for example. Instead, they will be able to participate in the educational process even from home.

Moreover, virtual classes reduce the need for private lessons and they could be conducted anywhere and anytime.

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4. Non-Existent Tech Support Isn’t Included

If you are looking for an LMS, the last thing you’d want is not to have a professional, efficient technical support team in case you need any help with the system. Available tech support is crucial for any Learning Management System user. It is a waste of money and time as well.

5. Not Checking Other Customers Feedback

History repeats itself. And sometimes, so do consumers. Checking other consumers’ feedback not only lets you in on all the advantages and disadvantages of the LMS you will choose. It also lets you get the bigger pictures and a view of the product and if the company is customer-centric or not.

So if you want to have the wrong school management system, you must definitely not check other customers’ feedback.In Forbes, Blake Morgan writes that a big sign of how successful a company, its way of dealing with customer, how customer-centric it is, and if it allows customers to try its products first so that they won’t feel they are being ‘pushed to buy’ these products.



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