Host of Chakh Le India – Know about Aditya Bal

Aditya Bal - Host of Chakh Le India

Chakh Le India is a food show which features the talented chef, Aditya Bal as the host who travels around the country in order to find the most authentic flavors. He then comes up with his own variation of the traditional dishes in his kitchen.

As he travels across the deepest and different places of the nation he discovers some hidden local dishes which have never been heard about before and then recreates the same with his wonderful cooking skills in his own kitchen.

Watch Chakh Le India episodes to enjoy this unique and perfect mix of travel and food which will leave you craving for more by Host of Chakh Le India.

Aditya, who started his career as TV host five years ago with NDTV Good Times “Chak Le India”, recently launched Spice Craft, his catering project in New Delhi. He says: “Chak Le India” was a program of its kind on Indian TV and people immediately connected to it because it was more than a tour guide and a partial food guide. “I do not come from an organized hospitality background and this actually had its merits in hosting the travel food fair.

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Aditya remembered that the only summary that the show makers gave me was exploring the remote areas of the country and bringing out regional cuisine / local flavors.

The exhibition became a great success when it started People explore places to see and dining options.


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