Geminids meteor shower 2018 time to see clearly

Geminid meteor shower 2018

John Ashley at Glacier National Park, Montana, caught this amazing meteor in the world on December 6, 2018. It is best to see Earthgrazers in the evening. Watch them through the meteorite this week! John said that the burial lasted about 4 seconds and left behind him a smoke train that lasted at least 24 minutes. “The meteor went dark over Dusty Star Mountain, or” Iszika-kakatosi “in Blackfeet, which translates to” smoking star. “Thank you, John! Nikon D750, Rokinon lens 24mm @ f1.4, 30 seconds, ISO 3200 for Geminids meteor shower 2018.

Geminids meteor shower 2018 – always a milestone for the meteorite year – will peak in the morning on December 13 and 14, 2018. The Geminids is a very reliable shower if you see it at prime time of night (centered around 2 am for all parts of the Globe) and if you see in a dark sky. Monsters tend to be bold, white and fast. This shower favors the northern hemisphere, but it is also visible from the southern hemisphere. A strange rock comet called the Phaethon 3200 is the main body of this shower.

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Why are Geminids better around 2 am? The reason for this is that the highest point in the sky is the radiation point in the shower – a point in our sky that radiates meteorites. As a general rule, the higher the Gemini constellation climbs sky to your sky, the more meteors published by Geminid. The radioactive Geminids point highest at 2 am.

Special equipment? no need. Just find an open dark sky and maybe bring a sleeping bag to warm up. Plans to spread back in a hammock, garden chair, pile of hay or blanket on the floor.



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