Galentine’s Day 2019 – What to do on this Day?

Galentine's Day 2019

To update the popular saying, behind every successful woman is the other successful women. But women’s friendships are not only good for an individual’s health and career, but are also good for politics. And now we have a holiday that highlights, among other things, the political power of female friendship: the day of Galentine’s Day 2019.

The Galentine’s Day 2019 Ideas feast is not just a popular culture celebration. It is a political statement. Certainly Leslie and her colleagues share stories about pancakes and handicrafts, but Galentine’s Day 2019 revolves around something more.

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From her office to Madeline Albright to her collective work disguised as social outings, Nub promoted civic engagement based on women’s friendship.

Knope convinced new generations that, like gathering for dinner or starting at the spa, engaging in politics was worth doing together.

The clever viewers could only associate the political relationship with the participation of Poehler and her real friend Tina Fey, such as their endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the Saturday Night Live presidential election.



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