Felix van Deventer reveals mystery in Jungle Camp 2019

Felix van Deventer

In the jungle camp Felix van Deventer regularly raves about his incredible love for his pregnant Antje. But the 22-year-old is probably not the down to earth and innocent boy next door, as it seems at first glance. Shortly before moving into the jungle camp, Felix tried to land with another woman. And none other than the Playboy bunny Tanja Brockmann (30, four times in Playboy). He had probably forgotten his strong love for his girlfriend for a short time. 

Jungle Camp 2019: Day 4 with a highlight

On the fourth day in the Australian jungle had to be toiled again for stars. In the process, Chris Topperwien and GZSZ star Felix van Deventer ( all important jungle news on Felix van Deventer) mastered the treasure hunt , in which they had to estimate the length of a rope stretched around trees. Also in the  “Clinic under Palms” the currywurst-man could work together with Gisele Oppermann star.

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In the jungle camp, not only were there examinations again, but also in-depth conversations, the spectators once again shared in the most intimate feelings of the candidates. So Muscle-butt Bastian Yotta pressed  on the lacrimal gland, as he told of a heavy past. Besides, he would often be misperceived by others. Really authentic, he did not bring his performance over.

Jungle camp: GZSZ star Felix van Deventer reveals mystery on day 4

The news of the day came from GZSZ star Felix van Deventer. After talking with Domenico de Cicco in the RTL jungle camp about his daughter, for whom he would do anything, made the native of Hamburg slight allusions to his own relationship: “I would immediately sacrifice my life for my girlfriend.” Domenico de Cicco looked a bit surprised, but the GZSZ actor continued to respond with a “think about it.” He also tried to explain to him how much he would like to talk about the subject, but not yet.



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