Family Relationship in this Digital Era

Family relationship

Technology have been being developed constantly. And you have no way to deny that the technology’s advancement have made a strong impact on all areas of our life, our society and our family. In this digital era, many aspects in your family are being impacted. Some of them are positive, but some of them are negative. Have you ever thought about this matter?

Firstly, we are discussing about the positive impacts of technology on our family life

No doubt that there are many technological advancements are being used because they are necessary for life. Without them, we will feel so bad and even don’t know how to do many things. Many of them have changed our life so much.

Family relationship
Technologies have changed our life in positive way. Source: bao cao su có gai

Here is an example: In the past, if you live so far from your hometown and want to contact with your parent, you have to write a letter, go to the post office, then wait for a long time to receive your parent’s letter sent back to you. However sometime, your letter or your parents’ letter is lost. As a result, you don’t receive any information from your family. Waiting for a letter is not comfortable and easy time for anyone.

But such that time is gone. Now communicating with anyone is easier than ever. Everyone has mobile phone. In order to connect with anyone, you just need to take your phone and press their phone number. Wherever you are, you can call and talk with your parents/brothers, sisters… If you are in emergency, your family will get information instantly.

The launch of communication mobile application such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype as long as you have internet connection, it is absolutely free to chat and talk with others. And it comes to technology, it is an omission if we forget to mention about Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks. These platforms are an indispensable part of our life nowadays. With these, we can share and save any moment with family. On special occasions, you can call or make a video call to give your wishes to them. Your children can let you know that they are late for coming home, and you no need to worry. You can say that you love your wife/husband while you are in far place.

Family relationship
Easy to connect with everyone

Inventions related to daily life such as smart refrigerator, smart rice cooker… help your family’s life become more pleasant.  The wives feel free from housework and they have more time to enjoy their life. Even they don’t need to go to store for shopping. They buy everything by a phone, a laptop while at home. Family will have more time together, too. If the cinema is so far from your home, your family is still able to enjoy amazing film together with a smart TV.

Home security systems are another evidence for positive impact of technology on family life. Your family is in safe with modern security systems. So, you have more peace within within family. You don’t worry so much anymore when you are not at home because you are still able to observe your home through security systems with cameras.

Many communication apps and school portals are helping parents to connect with their children more easily while they are busy at work and don’t have much time to make a visit to the school. You still know about your children’s activities although you don’t join with them in person.

Technology also offers more job opportunities. There are many kind of new jobs. We even join more than one job at the same time. It means we have chance to increase family’s income. So, life quality will be better.

There are much positive impacts on family that technologies are bringing families. But t can conclude that technology brings families closer even when they are living far apart. Technologies help families to stay connected, share love and give support each other.

So, what are negative impacts?

Now, it is time to mention about negative impacts. Negative results happen due to the way we are using technologies.

Firstly, smart phone, computers and internet connection are taking our time so much. We are spending so much time on screens. Each of members in family has a personal screen, and we spend most of time with it. This is the most popular situation in every family.

We are free from housework because technologies help us. It means we will have more time for family. But in fact, most of us can’t do it. Parents have the habit of bringing work home and they continues to be busy with this. They don’t have time to interact with their children. They don’t spend enough time to play with them or tell a story for them…. While they are busy with their work at home, to keep their children in silent or not to bother them, they choose to give their children other technologies such as a smartphone, an iPad, even let them play video game….

There is a lack of quality time among members in family. Members need to interact with each other to maintain personal bond. But many relationships in family are failing because technologies compromises time for intimacy.

In the past, if you have free time, you would like to have a cup of tea/ coffee with family. We have direct face to face communication. But now, the mode of communication is changed. We have difficulty in face-to-face interaction. We are still sitting around the table together, but we don’t see each other. What are we seeing? Yes, it is not the face of parents, brother, sisters or your children. We are seeing what is on our screen. We are laughing? Yes, we still laughing but we don’t laugh with each other. We watch on screen and laugh.

Family relationship

Poor face to face interaction has bad impact on your children. Their interaction skills are not good. They will have only limited experience of interaction. This leads to the lack of confidence.

The attraction from those screens even interrupt family time. In the morning, they hurry up to go to school and office in time. At dinner time, it seems to be the time for conversation. But now, it is popular that they hurry to finish the meal to spend time on screen again. They even use these screen during dinner time.

Many families forget outdoor activities. They are busy with their gadgets. No time for outdoor activities. Children prefer computer games to outdoor games. In another word, technologies has a real impact on the healthy habits. And this lifestyle is causing serious health issues.

In order to change negative impacts on family from technologies, parents must be the main factors and instructors. Parents must understand these impacts and change their own habit related to technologies. Parents guide their kids to enjoy healthy life. To do this, they have to understand clearly the pros and cons of technology. The right mix of technology in family will bring useful and amazing experience for all of members.

Technology have made our life easier but we shouldn’t compromise human values as well as family values while we are enjoying technology.


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