Facebook Rolls Out New Sections on Watch

Facebook Rolls Out New Sections on Watch

Facebook is rolling out features to cover the global audience. It is necessary to take all the aspects and geographical reach in mind to reach each and every corner of the world as they intend to. In the recent times, Facebook has rolled out many features in the last year – watch party, premieres, live videos etc as Facebook Watch Feature.

They had launched Facebook Watch feature back in August of 2017. In one of their blog posts, Facebook mentioned that the Watch feature has garnered over 720 million active users monthly and over 140 users daily who spend anywhere between 1 to 26 minutes on every day. These numbers are staggering.

To continue garnering these numbers and making it more effective for people to make connections over videos, Facebook is testing new features to add to Watch. Facebook Watch offers the users videos from array of video library to watch according to their preferences. In order to provide more content to the users, Facebook is deeply investing in partnership of content with various global publishers and brands. They are vastly collaborating with content creators which will provide content in all the genres for Facebook users to consume.  

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Apart from rolling out Facebook Watch Originals, these publishers and content creators will create relevant, timely and entertaining content for Facebook Watch. The team is expecting to increase the current statistics drastically with the help of these collaborations.

They are also upgrading and expanding these features and the advertisement support in Canada. Currently, its active in 40+ countries including the US, Denmark and India.

Facebook Watch supports 17 languages which also includes Hindi. With the upcoming upgrades, the social networking platform would also support 4 more Indian languages viz. Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi and Kannada. Swedish language will also be added on the video application.

This Article is written by Pragnesh Tavadia, CEO at MeraSEO which is a Digital Marketing Company based out of Mumbai.



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