Emmanuel Macron speech tonight about Yellow Vests

Emmanuel Macron speech

This is undoubtedly his long-awaited speech since the beginning of the five-year period. While the mobilization of “Yellow Vests” does not seem to fade, Emmanuel Macron will “address the nation” on Monday, December 10, in a 20-hour televised statement. A speech in front of the camera recorded since the Elysee, which will last for less than 13 minutes as Emmanuel Macron speech.

“Concrete measures” and “immediate”? What will the head of state say? On Sunday, Labor Minister Muriel Penicaud confirmed that Emmanuel Macron would announce “concrete measures” and “immediate.” . “We have heard, we will not only remember what has been done,” promised government spokesman Benjamin Grevo, who said “sure that the President will find the way to the heart of French, touch it to the heart and talk to their hearts.”

Macron speech (discours Macron Ce soir)

Towards tax cuts and increased income. Muriel Penicaud has already ruled out a “push” for the general. On the other hand, it has been found that it is possible in certain branches or undertakings to increase participation of profits and participation, implement gender equality “as a matter of urgency”. Even raise wages, and indicate excellent transfer for staff who do not have access to public transport. For his part, Benjamin Griveaux referred to “tax cuts” or increased income “through extraordinary rewards.” discours Macron Ce soir

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The intervention is very ready. On Friday, Emmanuel Macron began preparing this speech by interviewing scores of elected local officials in the Elysee. He then took advantage of the weekend to talk to many members of the government. “The economic and social ministries have reintroduced these proposals these days into chaos,” said Le Parisien. Above all, on Monday in the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron received all the political, regional, economic and social forces of the country. A way to listen and listen to all those who can make ideas and interpretations, according to the closing quoted in Le Figaro. “We have heard and we will see tonight if we hear,” said IFE Secretary-General Yves Veyrier.



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