Emiliano Sala Body Found from Crash Plane

Emiliano Sala Body

What had been feared for nearly two weeks, was officially confirmed Thursday evening: professional footballer Emiliano Sala Body was killed in the crash of the plane with which he was on his way to Cardiff on 21 January. The body that was recovered from the sunken wreck has been identified as that of Emiliano Sala.

The 28-year-old Emiliano Sala and the 59-year-old Ibbotson were on the 21st of January with the two of them in the small plane that was on their way from France to Cardiff, after Emiliano Sala Body from FC Nantes was taken over by 20 million euros by Cardiff City.

The plane disappeared from the radar over the Channel that evening. The wreck of the plane was found last Sunday to the northwest of the island of Guernsey. A day later it was announced that a body was visible in the wreckage.

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During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the investigators had announced to have recovered a body of the wreckage which had been localized, without it being known since if it was that of the player or that of the pilot.

On January 26, Emiliano Sala’s family announced that they would continue their search for funds from an online kitty after stopping two days earlier coordinated police relief efforts from Guernsey.


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