Elon Musk Super Smash Bros Favorite Character

Elon Musk Super Smash Bros

With over three million copies sold in less than two weeks in the United States, ” Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is one of the most popular video games in 2018- and Nintendo can count Tesla CEO Elon Musk as one of its many players as Elon Musk Super Smash Bros.

At its core, the Super Smash Bros. series is Nintendo’s love letter to video games. It’s a massive crossover between historic franchises that lets players battle each other with their favorite characters.

Elon Musk Super Smash Bros

When a Smash fan tweeted at Musk to ask which character he was playing in the new game, Musk responded with Zero Suit Samus, the protagonist of Nintendo’s Metroid series.

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Metroid protagonist Samus Aran is better known in its armored form- available in the game as a separate fighter. But her Zero Suit look first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission in the latter part of 2004 and has been a staple of the Smash series since Brawl on Wii in 2008.

Last month, Musk revealed that he’d tried to get Mario Kart playable in Tesla cars, but Nintendo wouldn’t give him the license.



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