Drie Koningen 2019 – Three Kings 2019

Drie Koningen 2019

In the church of Wintam the three kings were welcome guests during the prayer service this morning. The three kings collected money for charity: ‘Huize Eykerheyde’, an institution for mentally disabled people. For the prayer service, which was completely dominated by Epiphany, a ‘royal’ breakfast with bacon and eggs was organized in restaurant ‘Chez Nona’. That proceeds also went entirely to the good cause of the three kings. The initiative came into being nineteen years ago as Drie Koningen 2019.

Then the inspirers and the three kings Marc, Sisse and Klaus came up with the idea to start collecting money for a good cause. “The choice was made quickly because Epiphany was coming. Moreover, the wife of one of the three friends worked in Huize Eykerheyde “, it sounds like the three. From 14. 00 waffles and glasses of gin were still served at the Sinte-Margarethaplein. That revenue also went to the charity.

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Today it is Epiphany, the day on which according to the story three wise men came to Jerusalem from the east because they had seen a star. From this they concluded that the long-awaited, true King of the Jews was born. In Madrid thousands of Spaniards have already started the holiday last night with a traditional parade where many “three wise men” pass. The children receive gifts because the party there is a bit similar to our Sinterklaas feast – Drie Koningen 2019.



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