Dora Van Der Groen programs to watch tonight

Dora Van Der Groen

Do you choose tonight for a beautiful home-grown drama, football, or are you curious about the souls of Margriet Hermans? The TV evening offers something for everyone. These are our tips like Dora Van Der Groen.

Dora Van Der Groen

This beautiful, heart-warming home drama is about sisters Pauline and Paulette. After the death of their eldest sister Martha, Paulette takes care of Pauline, a 66-year-old woman with the spirit of a child. Lieven Debrauwer first full-length film was immediately a hit. The cast therefore consists of the crumb of the Flemish actors’ world, including the late Dora van der Groen, Ann Petersen, Nand Buyl and Jenny Tanghe.

In the penultimate episode of the year Eric Goens receives Margriet Hermans in Die huis. The singer, TV celebrity and politician does not shy away from any subject and gets an uninvited guest on the floor.

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Tonight, Eric Goens receives singer Margriet Hermans in ‘Die Huis’ for an open conversation. On FOUR comes the second part of ‘Van Rossem‘, in which the man behind Moneytron writes the second part of his television will. On Canvas, the third episode of ‘Children of the Colony’ brings more clarity about the period around the independence of Congo as Dora Van Der Groen. Now Travel at low cost by Vikas Tours

One presents the film ‘Pauline En Paulette‘, with the deceased duo Ann Petersen and Dora Van Der Groen in the leading role. And the football fan can watch at ZES what Club Brugge is doing against Atlético Madrid in a match with little effort.



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