Deepika Ghose get famous in Night as Deeghose | Who is she?

Deepika Ghose - Deeghose

This girl smacked on the social media too. Cameraman clicked several photographs of this fan of RCB. In this video, you can see how Virat Kohli is chasing the chowk, this girl is jumping happily named Deepika Ghose ( Deeghose )

With this, RCB’s victory was also celebrated by this girl. Cameraman also captured the different expressions of this girl in her camera. After this the fan became a celebrity on social media. Fans on social media have announced this girl up to the new National Crash. At the same time, some fans talked about giving a man of the match to the cameramen to focus on this girl Deepika.

Deeghose Instagram : Deepika Ghose

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Who is Deepika Ghose?

Deepika Ghose majored in dance from Scripps College, Claremont, California. She has been dancing since her youth and has been widely trained in jazz, hip-hop, dance, contemporary, ballet, Bollywood, African dance, modern therapy and dance.

She has performed many stages, including the internationally renowned Martha Graham Dance Company, as well as practicing dance and performance in Paris, France, through the University of Washington.

She taught dance in Bombay, Bangalore and Claremont, California as part of the Dance with Dee initiative. Deepika Ghose currently conducts individual and group lessons for children and adults as well as choreography for weddings and events. Its gastric capacity and its courses are always full of fun in demand as Deeghose.



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