Dayton Bar Shooting and 9 Dead in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Bar Shooting

Nine people were killed after shooting in Dayton, Ohio, police said. Dayton Bar Shooting say suspect has died. Sixteen people were injured in the incident, which occurred within 13 hours of shooting that left 20 dead in El Paso, Texas as Dayton Bar Shooting.

Dayton’s deputy director and assistant police chief Lieutenant Matt Carber told reporters early Sunday morning that the Dayton shooting incident took place at around 1 a.m. outside the Fifth Street in the city’s Oregon area, a popular downtown area.

The suspect, who was called by responding officers, was not identified, but Carper said the subject was fired with a “long rifle” with several shots.

Assistant police commander Matt Carber said the killer, who was not identified yet, was also killed on Dayton Bar Shooting.

The shooting took place at 1:00 a.m. EST on the 400th building of East Fifth Avenue, police said. Although the area known as the Oregon County has many bars and restaurants, the incident occurred abroad.

The attacker, who was carrying a rifle, was killed by officers responding to the call. The FBI was joining the investigation.

“Downtown Dayton is a very safe area,” Carper said. “This is inaudible and very sad. It is a very tragic evening.”

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The Miami Valley Hospital said it had received 16 patients from the shooting, but their condition was not immediately available.

The FBI is also at the scene to help with the investigation.

Taylor Embree, who said she was inside Ned Peppers when the shooting took place early on Sunday, told NBC News that she hid in the bar bath where “tons of shots” were Dayton Bar Shooting.

“I just heard a few gunshots and then I saw everyone jump on the ground,” she said. “I never saw anything like that, so I got excited on the floor and started running to the bathroom. I saw people trying to move towards the exit.”

She said she was one of the last people allowed into the bathroom, where ten other people were sheltering.



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