Cross Diegem 2018 Going on Mathieu van der Poel

Cross Diegem 2018

Now, we know what you think. Nowadays, every cyclo-cross course is a playground for the European champion, right? That is true of course – Mathieu van der Poel dominates the cross just like last season – but Cross Diegem 2018 is different. Since 2011 there was not a single rider who could beat MVD Punder artificial light as Cross Diegem 2018.

In 2011 he won for the first time in the junior category. 26 seconds ahead of the Frenchman Quentin Jauregui, while Wout van Aert defeated Daan Soete in the sprint for spot three. In 2012, the Dutchman did it in the rainbow jersey. Even more impressive: the hole with the number two, the American Logan Owen, was then 57 seconds. Number three Quinten Hermans followed on more than a minute.

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Arzuffi saw the storm very quickly because in the first corner she already hit the ground. The Italian never appeared in the play and so Cant and Worst got an ideal chance to become a leader in the Superprestige. But also for the world champion the first part of the cross did not go well for Cross Diegem 2018.

Two rounds in a row she did not hit the bevel flawlessly. Worst and the Italian Eva Lechner had mastered the technique better and drove two in the lead. Cant had to make up for 24 seconds. Yet she did not let her head hang and she quickly banged to the wheel of Denise Betsema.

In the second to final round, Worst was also hit by the slanted side. Lechner had a great day and seemed to be on his way to victory. But in the chase Cant, Worst and Betsema joined forces. Betsema finished the last hole and so the audience was treated to a furious final with 4.



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