Covington Catholic High School Students about Native American

Covington Catholic High School

A Covington Catholic High School in the northern state of Kentucky joined federal and state leaders Saturday in condemning the treatment of its students to an American native in Washington, DC.

But at first there was strong criticism of social media at the national level, where the widely shared video showed a young man in the hat “Making Great America Again” stand by a very long time close to one of the Native American demonstrators who was beating the drums. The youth smiled periodically while a group of young men cheered around and laughed.

The Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills and the Covington Catholic High School Diocese apologized for the behavior of their students in a statement issued Saturday afternoon, saying “the behavior is contrary to the Church’s teachings about human dignity and respect.”

Covington Catholic High School is a private high school for all boys in northern Kentucky.

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The school has about 585 students and 42 teachers according to the parish. According to the e-school website, it was founded in 1925 and 213 students attended a march for life in 2017. The cost of the trip is $ 130 per student.

A violent reaction against the school was fast Saturday as the video became viral. A young man wearing a hat “make America again” stands next to Phillips, practicing the drums, while other young men cheer around and chant.

In March, USA TODAY told the Covington Catholic High School students that they were threatened and intimidated and chanted at Native Americans who sang about the strength and spirit of indigenous peoples.



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