Colleen Ballinger baby name and Photo shares at Twitter

Colleen Ballinger baby name

Colleen Ballinger baby name is here!

The 32-year-old YouTuber channel, which played in the music video “Thank You”, welcomed Ariana Grande with her first child with the fiance Erik Stocklin.

On Tuesday, a few hours after his birth, Ballinger took part in a hospital snapshot with the newborn on her chest.

“I love him so much,” Miranda Sings announcer commented on the brilliant picture.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ballinger wrote “It’s Perfect” for her stories at Instagram, as well as sharing the new bouquet of joy on Twitter.

Colleen Ballinger has so far not shared any pictures of her son, or reveal his name, although she has shared some additional stories after birth. On Twitter, she said that her vagina was “shredded” and expressed his happiness not to get pregnant anymore.

Colleen Ballinger baby name also shared the news about writing an ego account, “THE BABY RIPPED MY ENTIRE TOOKIE! FREAKIN BRAT.”

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Of course, her enthusiastic followers were eager to get more information, and the new mother was quick to answer when she could as Colleen Ballinger baby name.

“It was very early!” “I did not want to miss Christmas!” I wrote to a fan. “Baby Stocklin was originally eligible for New Year Day, I told another one, I asked her how she felt,” so happy I’m not pregnant anymore. In love with him! It’s very nice, it actually hurts me. “

As for the child’s appearance, Colleen Ballinger revealed that he looked like his father. “It literally looks exactly like Eric, it’s almost scary how it looks like it is … full on my mini!” “It’s so cute !!! I can not stop staring at it!



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