Christchurch Terror Attack and Police Statement for Brenton Tarant

Christchurch Terror Attack - Brenton Tarant

The number of Jordanian citizens killed in the Christchurch mosque attacks has risen to three, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. Five others, including a five-year-old girl, were in critical condition of Christchurch Terror Attack.

Sabri Daraghma, the girl’s uncle, told Jordan Television that she was hit in the face, abdomen and leg. Jordanian monarch King Abdullah described the shooting as “outrageous” in his official Twitter account on Friday as Brenton Tarant.

The police are still armed when the collar near the Linwood Mosque mosque in Linewood, Christchurch, this morning.

Police have asked mosques throughout the country to close their doors until further notice. Many major events across the country will not continue today after the attacks by Brenton Tarant on Christchurch Terror Attack.

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The canceled events included the third cricket match between Bangladesh and New Zealand; the Crusaders and Highlanders Super Rugby match in Dunedin; the Christchurch Slayer and Antrax concert scheduled for tomorrow Polyfest in Auckland.

The street parade at the 150th anniversary of the University of Otago; the Wellington Pride Festival and the Hikoi Out in The Park, as well as many other events in Christchurch that attacked by Brenton Tarant


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