Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola Arrest and what happen next

Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola

After the request for arrest against Joao de Deus , the medium is not due to appear at Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola in Abadiania , a city in the Federal District, said Chico Lobo, one of the administrators of the temple. Joao de Deus denies accusations that he has sexually abused children and women during appointments.

“Faced with the facts, John of God will not come to the House. First, because he does not want to bring tumult here. Secondly, because we are awaiting the legal development of the case. He would go to Sao Paulo, he arrived at the airport, but according to counsel, he chose to stay here in Goias. He is in the state and will remain here, “said the assistant of the medium as Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola.

Tourists began arriving at the temple at 7am hoping to get care of the medium, who was on the scene on Wednesday (10), when he made his first public appearance after the accusations surfaced . The first bus to park in the House was with about 40 people from Cuiaba, who went to Abadiania in search of spiritual care.

For the second day in a row, the medium did not provide spiritual counseling and counseling. Yesterday, he came to pass through the center, but remained in place for less than ten minutes . After a quick statement to his followers, in which he said he was innocent and claimed to be at the disposal of Justice , he left the center in a great uproar. None of the closest aides confirms the psychic’s whereabouts and the lawyer does not answer the phone – Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola.

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This morning, Joao de Deus’s wife, Ana Keyla Teixeira, was at the Soup House and one of the family’s residential addresses, but she avoided talking to the press.

On the website, Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola maintains the usual agenda until the end of the month, with the provision of service every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. However, administrators of the spiritist center already consider the possibility of temporarily interrupting activities, giving holidays to part of the 40 employees – a number that also includes workers called Casa da Sopa, which works in a townhouse in the center of the city and where they are served meals for the faithful and the general population, as well as offering assistance services.


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