Bruno Ganz Death who acted in Downfall Movie

Bruno Ganz Death

Actor Bruno Ganz Death, whose long roles as conductor in the film Wings of Desire and Adolf Hitler in Downfall made him one of the most famous actors in German cinema and died on Friday It was 77.

His agent, Patricia Baumbauer, confirmed his death. Mr. Bruno Ganz received a diagnosis of colon cancer last summer while working at the Salzburg Festival in Austria.

Bruno Ganz won the Donatello Prize, the equivalent of the Italian Oscar for his role as a calm poetess who connects with a runaway housewife in Bread and Tulips (2000), a Swiss-Italian comic, but most of his work was in German films and now Bruno Ganz Death.

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Bruno Ganz helped establish the Berliner Choponne in 1979. He was appointed as the representative of this year by the German Hooti Theater magazine. He was famous for Dr. Heinrich Faust in Faust, Part One and Part II in 2000 (whose physical role resulted in Injuries during rehearsals that delayed production).

He received numerous awards throughout Europe from organizations such as the German Film Awards, the London Awards for Critics Circle, the Munich Film Festival, the Bavarian Film Awards, and the Swiss Film Award.


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