Brittany Furlan with Tommy Lee on Valentine Day

Brittany Furlan Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan moved on to social networking to share some exciting news: they married – this real time – on Thursday (February 14th). – Brittany Furlan Tommy Lee.

In the Valentine’s Day gesture eventually, the drummer Mtley Crue and the social media star contract in the anniversary of their engagement. Brittany Furlan announced this announcement by sharing an adorable image of her pet wearing a wedding dress and putting it on an instagram yesterday. “It’s official! We’re married !!! […] MR & MRS LEE YAHOOOOOOOO.”

Tommy Lee who married four times before, also took to Twitter to share his enthusiasm, writing, “holy faaaaaaak !!” I am married in 4 hours!

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The couple dates back to 2017 before announcing their participation in the last Valentine’s Day. The grooms did not share any pictures of the wedding.

Over the weekend, the speculation that the two were married after Brittany Furlan and sharing a job in the Instagram of two kissing in the hotel robbed under the altar as Brittany Furlan Tommy Lee.


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