Betsy DeVos Planning to Slash Funds for the Special Olympics

Betsy DeVos

The administration of President Donald Trump is again seeking to cut its funding for the Special Olympics – a move that has been met with strong Democratic rejection on Capitol Hill this week and has been criticized by the Kennedy family and some ESPN personalities as Betsy DeVos.

Education Minister Betsy DeVos, responding to a question from a Democratic representative on Tuesday, said she did not know how many children would be affected if the proposed $17.6 million cut came into effect.

Last year, the education minister donated part of her salary to the Special Olympics.

The proposed budget includes $500 million for the opening and expansion of rented public schools and facilities, in accordance with the Department’s priority to increase access to schools. Betsy DeVos, the school’s charter advocate, said in a prepared statement that the budget had been developed “so families can find the best learning environment for their children.”

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“We do not offer our children any advantages when we borrow from their own future to invest in systems that do not produce better results,” Betsy DeVos repeated in her testimony on Tuesday. “The overwhelming federal debt can prove to be the only hindrance that future generations will face in trying to realize full potential For the American dream, we can not continue to kick it.

However, the president’s budget proposal is only Congressional approval – or Congress can ignore it altogether – and even Republican lawmakers split with Trump over some of his requests. Last year they actually increased the education budget.

This year, with Democrats dominating the House, Trump’s budget faces brighter prospects.



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