Babette Moonen share some news about her Instagram

Babette Moonen

“You are the whore of Radio 1, are not you? I wait for you at the gym and you take so hard into all your holes that  you can not spin for three weeks. “In 12 hours I got 80 private messages from totally  unknown people in that atmosphere. I also have 664 Instagram followers and as many  friend requests on Facebook. What did I do before? Something said about sex. At the end of  2018, as a woman, you will still be better off, as it turns out as on Babette Moonen Instagram.

Flashback to two weeks ago at the editorial meeting of New Facts . We are talking  about what sports does to your body. I have a confession: after a workout I feel like  having sex. 

Hunted, scared and threatened. This is how Babette Moonen, editor-in-chief at ‘New Facts’, felt after she said on the radio that she wanted sex after exercise. ‘How wrong is it that you, as a woman in 2018, still can not figure out that you are a sexual being for Babette Moonen.

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That exertional whooping Babette Moonen talked about is also scientifically proven. Intensive exercise makes the blood flow faster, yes. It boosts the production of hormones, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. That process is very similar to a body that prepares for sex. After the last round of spinning, band walking or a hefty work-out, you are proverbially ready for the action. To put that in words is not to say: bombard me with grumpy terms, because I want to see every corner of the room.



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