Antwon Rose Shooting need Justice which demand from Family

Antwon Rose Shooting

Antwon Rose Shooting was shot three times when he was running during the traffic stop on June 19. One of them watched the video shoot on Facebook.

Michael Rosfeld was charged with criminal murder involving murder, manslaughter and manslaughter under Pennsylvania law. If convicted, he could have been sentenced to life imprisonment. He was found guilty on all charges Friday.

The firing sparked racial tensions. Michael Rosfeld was white, and Rose was black. Hundreds of protesters filled the streets after the verdict was announced on Friday night, saying there was no justice for Antwon Rose Shooting. Rose was shot after fleeing the police after pulling the car he was traveling on suspicion of being involved in shooting from a passing car minutes ago.

More than three days after more than three hours of deliberation by a jury outside the city, Michael Rosfeld was convicted in all four possible charges – first degree murder, third degree murder, manslaughter and manslaughter – at about 9:15 Evening on Friday.

The six-man jury and six women, including three African-Americans, were selected across the state in Harrisburg and isolated at a Pittsburgh hotel during the trial.

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There were strong emotions on the court’s steps after the verdict on Friday. Family members and supporters of the close family of Rose were seen weeping and shaking their heads in disbelief.

Many police officers filled the courthouse in moments before the jury read the verdict to make sure there were no revolts.

The judge ruled that Antwon Rose Shooting was being removed from electronic surveillance, which he had been since July 2018.

Antwon Rose his wife, his parents and the rest of his family were taken out of the courtroom under guard after reading the verdict.



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