Anny Duperey talk about yellow vests going in France

Anny Duperey

Anny Duperey

Guest on the group from 20:30 on Sunday 9 December, Anny Duperey spoke on yellow jackets. According to her, Emmanuel Macaron is the only person responsible for the demonstrations that take place all over France, four weeks ago.

More and more stars are talking about yellow jackets. A guest on the Dili group on Friday, December 7, Lane announced his support for the demonstrators, before inviting them to peaceful mobilization. “For me, when this movement started, it was a popular, independent and free movement and above all a nonviolent movement, which must remain non-violent, otherwise it would lose all credibility, while Frank Dobsak preferred to distance himself from this movement, which he considered” And very tempting. ” Anny Duperey

Presenting at 20:30 on Sunday, December 9, Anny Dobry was also shown on yellow jackets, particularly on events across France on Saturday. In an interview with Laurent Delauss, the iconic representative of “Uni Famil” said he was “not surprised” by the anger of thousands of French who are protesting today for better living conditions. “I do not have a comprehensive analysis but I think Emmanuel Macaron’s character has given him a certain way,” she began Anny Duperey.

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President of the Republic, responded to a statement made several months ago. “If these words only are:” people who do nothing, people who succeeded in it. I think it is unforgivable to people. I think they are stuck in their memory. Will not be forgotten. Someone said so, will not forget. “



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