Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance Video just gone Trending

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance

A few days before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, became prime minister in Washington and became the youngest woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, video footage from her university days suddenly appeared on the Internet as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance.

If the video that showed her dancing and her bare feet on the roof of the building was meant to be an embarrassing leak, it had a bad effect.

The dance video – a mix of 1980s dances from “The Breakfast Club” and “Lisztomania” by the French band Phoenix – proved to be very tolerant for many social media users. Some also saw a right-wing effort to undermine Ms. Ocacio Cortez, a liberal democracy known as AOC among her fans.

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Twitter took part in the video, which sparked a wide-ranging response on Wednesday, apparently showing a tiny dance in Ocacio Cortez on the roof of a building. The next day, she was sworn in as the youngest woman in Congress – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance.

She wrote a tweet from ‘AnonymousQ1776’, which she described as a video from her high school days: “This is America’s favorite preference, which is to know everything that behaves like a nitwit.”

Since the election of Ms. Ocacio Cortez, a “girl from the Bronx” described as Puerto Rican, in New York in November, she was targeting conservatives and right-wing extremist groups. She won a political warning after the Democratic Foundation shook her victory over a current Congressman to win the 14th Congressional primary in New York in a landslide in June.



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