3 Important Factors for getting into college


Getting into college in America is not only about grades. There are many other important things to consider like admission essay, test scores, and diversity in college.

A great essay
All American universities will require applicants to write a one or two page personal statement so the colleges can get to know you. In these essays, many students focus on their accomplishments in high school, unique background, and why they are excited about the school. The application essay is a good opportunity for students to showcase what makes them unique.

The SAT or ACT is a great way to show that you are very smart. Students applying from abroad must have a high SAT score in order to be considered because universities struggle to understand the grades of foreign applicants. Students can take the SAT as many times as they would like without penalty. There are many free resources to study for the SAT like SoFlo SAT Tutoring.

American colleges want to build diverse and unique classes. Coming from a foreign country with a background that is different from most other students will help applicants standout. If you are applying from a small country with few students applying to American colleges you are at an advantage.


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